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Edie Jane Eaton and DerbyAn overview of what this website covers is gained by a glance at the sidebar: A passion for paying attention; The Feldenkrais Method® with humans; Tellington TTouch® with all creatures - haired, scaled or feathered; Sidesteps to unrelated (well, not exactly!) Events and Adventures (!?!); Antipodean activities; Articles (that's the "À Propos - or not!" section) and even some (sometimes even current) garden photos!

My professional life revolves around using TTouch and Feldenkrais to help humans and animals find ways to feel better, cope with stress, enjoy better health, and act more comfortably and effectively. Both methods address the nervous system, calling upon its intelligence to recover the ease and comfort that we may remember from childhood. They can provide a means for overcoming the many big, or just bothersome, injuries and dysfunctions that most of us find ourselves dealing with as we grow up or grow old. The process is one that encourages adaptation by helping us and animals become aware, consciously and unconsciously, of what we do and how we do it. It gives a sense of other possibilities and provides supportive environments in which to explore those possibilities and make appropriate and healthy choices.

You can learn more about Tellington TTouch and Feldenkrais on their respective pages. You might be amused to read the poem and comments in Potholes, which puts it all in a nutshell and which you will find in "À Propos - or not!"   If there are any questions left unanswered please feel free to contact me by email or by phone at (819) 459-2110.

It is exciting and rewarding work, and I delight in it. The other things you find on the pages of this website also relate to my passion, the essence of which is outlined in Why Listen to Whispers? The process of listening to whispers (paying attention) is involved in all learning, and I have really enjoyed setting up and being a student of workshops with other teachers: painters, writers, health professionals etc. There are several such workshops on offer each year. Keep an eye on the Additional Events and Adventures!

As you will see from the calendar, much of my time is spent travelling and teaching. I love teaching and strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for participants at workshops, while making the sessions fun and filled with information. If you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop, you can see what's available by using the "Calendar" or "Workshops" links in the menu on the left. You can also sign up for email updates of information and be as choosy as you wish about what you get sent.

I hope to meet you somewhere, sometime!

Have fun,

Edie Jane

P.S. The photo across the top of the page is of my house and barns in Lascelles, Quebec, north of Ottawa, Ontario. Wherever I am, my heart is always there, with my garden (see What's Blooming?) and with my animals. Perhaps you noticed my dog Tofu here in the corner - listening to whispers! Hi, Tofu!

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