Listening To Whispers

Tellington TTouch® & Feldenkrais® Methods

Edie Jane Eaton with horse - LIstening To Whispers

A Message From Edie Jane



I’m passionate about the Feldenkrais® and Tellington TTouch® Methods, and I hope to help you feel the same way. They can make such a difference in the lives of humans and animals, and I delight in sharing them.

They help humans and animals find ways to feel better, cope with stress, enjoy better health, and act more comfortably and effectively. They call upon the intelligence of the nervous system to recover the ease and comfort we may remember from childhood. They provide a means for overcoming the many big, or just bothersome, injuries and dysfunctions that we seem to accumulate as we grow up or grow old. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The benefits come about through a process of adaptation. Firstly, we are made aware, consciously and unconsciously, of what we do and how we do it. Secondly, we are offered experiences of other possibilities. Thirdly, the methods provide supportive environments in which to explore those possibilities, make choices that are appropriate for improved well-being, and move forward.

The website calendar lists opportunities for first-hand experience and learning about the methods, and once in a while I’m home long enough to host workshops of different kinds with other teachers. I also offer invitations to join me for adventure travel — to Africa (Botswana is a favourite) and the polar regions. My background is in the earth sciences, and these areas of the world satisfy my other passions — landscape and animals.

Much of my time is spent traveling and teaching. I love teaching and strive to provide a comfortable and light hearted environment for learning. It’s great fun and I enjoy the wide variety of wonderful people that I get to meet.

Perhaps you will be one of them, somewhere, sometime. I hope so.

Have fun

Edie Jane

P.S. The photo across the top looks over my garden in Lascelles, Quebec, north of Ottawa, Ontario. Wherever I am, my heart is always there, with my garden and with my animals. This is my dog Tofu in the photo — listening to whispers.

Edie Jane Eaton - LIstening To Whispers - Dog Tofu