Listening To Whispers

Edie Jane Eaton - LIstening To Whispers - Feldenkrais

Workshops for Humans:
Feldenkrais®, TTouch for You® and ‘Making It Easy’


Workshops can be for anyone who would like to feel more comfortable or move more freely, or can be tailor-made for the group’s particular interests or concerns. Both Feldenkrais and TTouch for You offer such a generous range of applications that we can easily vary the content to reflect the participants’ experience and interest.


Feldenkrais workshops include several Awareness Through Movement lessons, and allow time for discussion and attention to particular participant concerns. Much of the time you will be lying on the floor making slow movements and so should wear warm comfortable clothing. You may be asked to bring something to lie on and whatever pillows or bolsters would make yourself more comfortable.

‘Making It Easy’

‘Making It Easy’ is a very popular one or two-day workshop blending Feldenkrais with Tellington TTouch. Participants are usually a mix of those with their own physical concerns, and caregivers who want to learn more ways to help others — friends and family, or clients. Prior experience with Feldenkrais or TTouch is not required.

The workshop includes simple yet powerful and profound Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, with some of the many TTouch For You® techniques that can be used to help others.

Participants learn how to identify which of their own postures and movements are easy for/on them, and which cause distress, through a process that involves listening to the whispers within themselves that say “ow” or “aaahhh.” This awareness will help guide them to easier ways of doing what they wish to do.

They will also learn some of the Tellington Touches and TTouch Body Wraps to help others, while gaining insights into the comfort level of those they work with.

As with the Feldenkrais workshops, there will be time for discussion and attention to particular concerns. Much of the time will be spent lying on the floor (unless that’s difficult, in which case the lessons can be adapted to chairs) making slow movements. Participants should wear warm comfortable clothing and will be invited to bring something to lie on and whatever pillows or bolsters would make them more comfortable.

Join us!

Join us at a workshop, and gain a new appreciation of how you can improve your world “one TTouch at a time.” In addition, and to quote Moshe Feldenkrais, discover how to “make the impossible, possible; the possible, easy; and the easy, elegant.” Check our Calendar to see what’s coming up.