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About Workshops

I had heard about Edie Jane in some of my other TTouch trainings so I was extremely curious to meet her. By the end of our six days, I felt like I had found someone I can learn so much from, someone who inspires me, someone who makes me laugh and someone I can trust. Edie Jane had a way of making me feel like she was teaching this particular training just for me. She ‘put the pieces together’ from all the other trainings I had been to in the past. At the same time, I learned new techniques and new ways of approaching some of the situations we find ourselves in with our furry friends. —Participant, Gibson’s, BC

Spending the week with you was such a joy, and a wonderful learning experience. Edie Jane, the depth of your knowledge and your willingness to share it humbles me. Julie, Georgia

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop that you provided! When I got home, I decided to take Finn out for a walk, past the tied up dog on our street. When we go past this dog, King, it is always a big deal, Finn pulling, and whining and dancing. I put Finn on a loose lead, with a second loose lead draped around the front of his chest. All that Finn did, as we went past King, was to stop briefly and then calmly walk past. My other dog Kip, who also pulls, in now walked with a loose lead. —Liz, Ottawa, ON

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful day that we were a part of. I decided to observe Jake for a while before e-mailing you.  After leaving him in his kennel a few times now (4-5), I feel that there is a definite improvement. He still whines and barks when we leave, but appears to settle down after a while and chews his rawhide. We also noticed that it was much easier to trim his nails. Before he was rolling around on the ground making it difficult but he is now standing to allow it to be done. He also does not seem to be clinging to us quite as much.  Maureen, Gatineau, QC

I absolutely thought it was a magical weekend! I know how difficult it can be to teach a method that doesn’t have a ‘method’ or protocol. I’ve observed numerous Feldenkrais trainers fielding questions, and I think Edie’s ability to hear the question and answer in a way that will be useful for the student was outstanding. She was able to take this complex system and make it as simple and concrete as possible…without dumbing it down or losing the integrity of the work. I was learning from Edie HOW TO TEACH.  (Not just the content about TTouch and horses.) I also really appreciated how Edie listened fully to questions and answered the whole person…with care and respect. Quite remarkable. Lisa, MN

I found you to be one of the most gifted teachers I have known. I recall being especially impressed by the way you distilled a topic down to its essential core. You challenged us to use precise language, which clarified our thinking. Also, integrating Feldenkrais techniques into the training was especially instructive. You might be uniquely qualified in that regard.  You demonstrated the TTouch effect by letting us experience the sensation of slow movement on our own bodies. Jerry Schulper

Edie Jane’s dog workshop in Christchurch was a total delight. I thoroughly recommend this work to all Feldenkrais people, whether practitioners or students or pets. The “bodywork” is lovely in itself and totally applicable to human animals too, with its focus on quieting and soothing, as well as stimulating and playful. This was a day where the words “no” and “should” never happened..were never said and never heard. Never even thought of! Edie Jane is a superb teacher who creates a learning situation with great ease and fluency. And gives such an insight into living with other animals, of all species! Rupert, Christchurch, NZ

Edie Jane received her basic Feldenkrais training in Montreal where I was her co-educational director. She is a particularly mature, authentic, competent and generous practitioner. Her interspecies experience is a treasure of resource, for whatever species she works with…she is especially special. Yvon Joly

About Adventures

If you embark on a safari under the care of Edie Jane, I will assure you that you’ll go places and see things that are unusual and exceptional. And you’ll do so for significantly less cost than you would pay for tours with larger commercial companies.  Edie Jane is dedicated to making sure that every detail of organization is addressed, and she is always on the lookout, during the trip, for ways to enrich the experience, whether it involves an extra side trip to see something special, or a shopping spree to find arts and crafts typical to the area. Add to that that Edie Jane is endlessly patient and good-humoured and you can see why we have no hesitation in recommending her tours to others. Try it! You’ll like it! —Timothy Plumptre, Ottawa, ON

I would take another trip with Edie Jane in a heartbeat. Her itineraries are always interesting, but it is her attention to detail that sets her and her trips apart. Edie Jane thinks of everything! As a result your experiences feel personal and individualised, and not just the run-of -the-mill tourist fare. Our trip to Africa with her was an amazing experience, we felt taken care of from start to finish. If you are looking for a special trip, an adventure, I would go with Edie Jane! —Lauren McCall, Portland, OR

We were so impressed with Edie Jane’s organization, foresight, and experience in our adventures in Africa, always having participant needs and wants foremost. She is always full of ideas, options, and work-arounds, whilst keeping participants comfortable and safe. She is a patient and understanding leader and we highly recommend traveling with Edie Jane. —Jenn Merritt, Hamilton, ON

My wife and I went to Africa in June of 2017 (our first time there) and the trip far exceeded our expectations. Not just because Africa is an amazing place, and the wildlife was spectacular, but also (and mainly) because Edie Jane had the travel itinerary worked out and details taken care of right from the start. And she took great care of us throughout the entire trip. She’s been to Africa many times, and that experience is invaluable for someone leading a group of people on that kind of journey, especially if it’s your first visit to that fascinating part of the world. Plus, she’s simply great fun to travel with. Highly recommend going anywhere with Edie Jane as the trip coordinator and leader!  —Alan Kiphut